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Had an argument about politics tonight with someone... and, while I know those never really yield anything but rotten fruit, I guess there are some things I have to think about:

eltee told me the following:

1) there are pretty much no 'good guys' in politics - maybe one or two scattered here or there, like MLK, but that's an anomaly

2) If you take 100 politicians and line them up, you will find 98 assholes, 1 idiot, and 1 good guy.

3) Turning to either side and only noticing how fucked up 49 of them are doesn't improve your enlightenment any.

... I still don't want to cede any points to certain groups of people that I disagree with very strongly, but I have to say I kind of envy the positions that Eltee and Rihahn have found. I guess I'm just afraid that if I take my eye off the ball for a second, the bottom will fall out of everything.

"The problem is, when any one side sits in power too long to let their bullshit get too warm, it starts to stink. You have to keep cycling through them. It's worked for Italy, they've had 36 administrations in 39 years, and they pretty much just eat, drink, and fuck all day."

I mean, except for that whole Mussolini thing. That was a bit of an /errore/.